Incipio is driven by innovation

At Incipio we pride ourselves on our innovative spirit. We believe that there is always a better way to do something if you just apply your mind to it.




The CEO of Incipio has been actively involved with Insurance companies for the last 21 years regarding plumbing and resultant damage claims.  In 2008 we designed the Jobtracker system to enable us to monitor our teams and their job performance. The system also provided  accurate statistics which showed a steady incline in geyser related problems and the damages caused.  This encouraged the Incipio team  to develop a product that detects water and shuts off the incoming cold water supply to your geyser, to prevent catastrophic water damages. 

The word Incipio means “to begin”.  It took three years of planning, testing and developing the device to be affordable, durable and easy to install.   It has been approved by TEST Africa and NRCS. This product has also been patented. At Incipio we will strive for new innovation and enhance safety.

The WERD Device has the following patent number No 2015/01610.

All great things starts with a vision, a burning passion to see obstacles as challenges and to have the determination to make a difference and succeed.